Moss Photos in Rainy Berkeley CA

Got busy with my camera this week the minute the rain cleared because I checked some reports on California weather and learned we have just 2.5 months of winter left. This chartreuse moss photo is actually lichen. It covers a whole fence somewhere along the Arlington. Been by there several times trying to find a way to make this backdrop into an interesting photo. I may be using this image as the book cover. Love it so! But then it’s lichen…so a complication.

moss photos lichen photos

This is actually lichen on a fence on Arlington Ave. It’s usually bright green and turned absolute chartreuse after the rain. This might be my book cover. I love it so!










Lichen Photos Berkeley Ca

Bright Lichen Fence North Berkeley







My walk took me up Portland Avenue to Colusa and then further up Vicente Ave to one of the “secret” stair paths up there. There are some gardeners there on Vicente who are crazy about succulents. Hats off to you all! I’ve included some of your gems.

Metal Postbox and Succulents, North Berkeley

Picturesque Metal Postbox and Succulents, North Berkeley












Succulents North Berkeley

Gorgeous Succulents North Berkeley







Moss photos and few lichen photos by Karen Nierlich.


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